Buildings & Grounds


Our church includes several buildings, substantial land, and the equipment and furnishings to make them useful.  Naturally all of this requires normal and occasionally abnormal maintenance.

The Buildings and Grounds Committee, under the direction of the Junior Warden, is responsible for oversight of these facilities.  This group tries to be responsive to all maintenance needs, planning for long term upkeep, as well as unexpected problems that require immediate response, and of course working within a budget to accomplish these duties.

The committee relies heavily, though not totally, on volunteer help.  Members of the congregation with skills to contribute are welcome, but help is welcome in any form.  Periodic workdays are scheduled to clean up the grounds or take on some small project requiring volunteer labor.  These events usually only take a few hours of time with a good turnout.  If you are interested in helping in any way with the maintenance of our assets, let one of the committee members know.