Altar Guild


The Altar Guild is the organization of parishioners who care for and prepare the sanctuary for the services of the Church. There are currently fifteen members of the Altar Guild, and new volunteers are always welcome.

The Altar Guild performs its duties under the direction of the priest. There is an Altar Guild training manual, and training is provided for new volunteers.

The Altar Guild is responsible for the sanctuary altar. This involves care of the communion silver and other vessels as well as the altar linens and those used in the communion service. The sacristy where these items and supplies are stored and maintained is also where preparations are made for each service. The Guild manages the supplies used for worship, including the wine, wafers, and candles.

The members of the Altar Guild are organized into four teams of three or four persons. Each team serves for one week each month of the year, and each team also has one month during the year in which that team serves for two weeks. The service period begins on the Sunday of that team’s assigned week and continues through the Saturday of that week.

An annual schedule for the Altar Guild is prepared by the head of Altar Guild.

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